Thursday, April 9, 2009

Space Camp

I had to go to training Tuesday...from 9-8. We went to the Challenger Learning Center for team work training. It was pretty cool. We had to perform task in a simulated space craft and mission control. I was in charge of the REM station. I had to deal w/bugs, plants, and meteoroids..right up my alley.
We did a questionnaire to decide personality...I'm an Astronaut and it fit me to a T. My Boss is a space station. Her Assistant is a Rocket ship.
The Company treated us to Ozzie's after. The guy at the end of our table was a RIOT. He ordered 3 appetizers. I had a drink and it was YUMMY:)
It was a LONG day though.
Spring Break starts today..5 days off..YAY:) I slept an extra hour that was needed. I have family DRAMA AGAIN. I'm trying to behave via my mother's's just so hard. I have raging PMS and i get provoked pretty easily when it comes to my parents. I'll clean all day to keep my mind off of it...or try to at least.
I haven't posted any pics in awhile so I'll share my lil photo shoot w/the kids.

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Sarah said...

enjoy your spring break! Ours starts tomorrow with a half day :)