Tuesday, May 5, 2009


again..I neglect my blog....
It's been crazy busy here and to put my thoughts down...UGH.
Saturday Trey marched for the 1st time w/band in the Pacific Parade. I was So proud. Tori made out like a bandit w/candy.
Monday night Trey had a band performance....he played the Phantom of the Opera (one of my fav plays I've seen). Tori was a fidgety mess and stressed me a bit.
My grandpa went in yesterday for a Heart Cath and ended up needing to have a stint put in. He stayed over night and should come home tonight.
Tori is napping (a new weird thing..falling asleep at 5-7 every night..grrr..it's a treat getting her back to bed)....I'm going through the working mother thing...and I only work 4 hours a day. When i get home I just want to chill w/the kids...and after looking at a computer for 4 hours..I have no desire to look at one at night.
I'll bore you w/some pics:0)

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