Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good news

Louie....is improving....he's out kitty. This was the best news ever:)
Oh, he's 2 and he was diagnosed last week w/congestive heart failure. His heart is falling apart pretty much and the pieces are clogging his legs. He's on steroids, a heart pill, and aspirin. Last week he didn't have a pulse in his legs. This week..he has a pulse in the left one. Doc thinks he'll have one in the right leg next visit (in 1 month). He has 3-6 months to live:(

Hey..Go over to I hate whine and enter her contest...a Prima Princessa Swan Lake DVD:) Plus..she deserves checked out..even if she wasn't having a giveaway:)


Jenn said...

That's too bad he's sick. I still bawl over putting my dog to sleep and it was a year ago in Jan.

Sarah said...

Poor guy!!
How sad :(